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WordPress Blog Theme for Personal Bloggers: Souje

Souje is a WordPress blog theme for personal bloggers who look for premium quality, easy usage and great customer support.

A Useful WordPress Blog Theme

Memorable and deterministic design makes the difference. Souje has been created in order to catch this principle. Not only that, we also cared about the native WordPress customizer too much to let you focus on enjoying your blog.

Layout Options

How would you like to display your blog posts? In a single column or with a sidebar? Or maybe you’d like to use 3 columns to keep your page navigation less crowded. All is possible. Souje has 7 different layout options to meet your expectations. You just decide and select it from your customizer.

wordpress blog theme souje layouts

Keep in mind that you have a chance to set different layouts for your blog homepage, archive pages and post pages. For example, while your blog homepage has 1 Column + Sidebar layout, archive pages like categories and tags can have 2 Columns layout. On post pages, you can hide the sidebar to make your content & images fullwidth. This feature is post based. Which means you are free to show/hide the sidebar for each post separately.

Header Styles

Styling the header part is quite flexible with Souje. Your logo, menu items and social icons with a search box. These are the elements you can use in your header. We cared too much about the placements of these elements and prepared 18 different ready-to-use header styles. You can choose one of them from your customizer easily. All you need is a mouse click!

wordpress blog theme souje header styles

Additional Header Settings

But “flexibility” means more, right? That’s why you’ll have additional settings like logo size, menu height, search box width, sticky header, mobile menu trigger time, show/hide social icons etc. to make your WordPress blog theme unique and special for you.

Responsive Souje Slider

Souje has its own responsive slider which you can directly insert your blog posts into. Want to create your own slides? It’s very easy! Just write the slide title, add your image, fill in the URL field and you’re done.

wordpress blog theme souje slider

User-Friendly Control Panel

Souje Slider has some nice options like autoplay, infinite loop, excluding the blog posts from the feed those you’ve inserted into it, displaying all posts in a category and so on. As we always do, we tried to keep things simple at the back-end. Say you wanted to change the ordering of your slides? Just drag & drop them. That’s all.

Combine Post Styles

As you may realize, there are 2 different post styles on our demo site. The regular post style includes all of the post elements like date, title, featured image, excerpt etc. But the second style only displays the featured image and title. And we call this post style Style Z.

wordpress blog theme souje post styles

Attract Your Visitors

To have a richer view on your WordPress blog, you can combine these two styles. By doing so, your blog posts will be much more attractive for your visitors. By the way, you can set the number of the posts to show in Style Z on your theme customizer easily.

Sidebars & Widgets

Souje comes with 12 custom widgets those you can add into 6 widgetized areas (5 Sidebars + Footer). Using different sidebars on your blog would be a nice practice. Luckily, you can do it with Souje! Just activate the sidebar you want to use and then add your widgets into it. So you’ll have a separated sidebar for your post pages and another one for the rest of your blog for example.

wordpress blog theme souje widgets

You’re always welcome to use the standard WordPress widgets when you need. But remember that our custom widgets were created to complete the whole design of your personal blog. Plus, since we care about the easiness, we placed some tooltips into these custom widgets to make your life easier.

Maximized Color Control

One of the best features of Souje is color management. You’ll love the way that you can change almost every single element’s color.

wordpress blog theme souje colors

Unlimited Colors

You can use unlimited colors for 28 different color controls those let you to change the color of your blog’s background, menu items, slider elements, post titles, widget titles, content or whatever else you can think of. Need to change the color of something more specific? We’ll be ready to help you with it!

Translate Your WordPress Blog Theme Easily

Translation is extremely easy with Souje. Just open your customizer, find “Translation” section and start to translate!

wordpress blog theme souje translation

Are you comfortable with .pot files?

Instead of translating your theme from your customizer, if you want to work on the .pot file, just go ahead! It’s optional to use the customizer to translate the theme.

Feature List

  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Native WordPress Theme Customizer
  • Souje Slider Plugin Included
  • All Google Fonts Included
  • Use 2 Different Fonts Together
  • Easy Translation
  • Maximized Color Control
  • Show/Hide Almost Everything
  • Super Light Structure
  • High Performance on Any Platform
  • No Coding Knowledge Required
  • Very Easy to Use
  • 4 Post Formats: Standard, Gallery, Video and Aside
  • 18 Header Styles
  • 7 Blog Layouts
    • 1 Column
    • 1 Column + Sidebar
    • 2 Columns
    • 2 Columns + Sidebar
    • (1 + 2) Columns + Sidebar
    • 3 Columns
    • (2 + 3) Columns
  • Post Page Without Featured Image
  • Post Page Without Sidebar
  • 6 Widgetized Areas
    • Default Sidebar
    • Sidebar – Post
    • Sidebar – Page
    • Static Front Page Sidebar
    • Archive Sidebar
    • Footer Widgets
  • 12 Custom Widgets
    • Recent/Random Posts Widget
    • Popular Posts Widget
    • Category/Tag Posts Widget
    • Selected Posts Widget
    • Post Widget
    • Image Widget
    • Recent Comments Widget
    • Social Widget
    • Find Us on Facebook Widget
    • Search Widget
    • Ads Widget
    • Empty Space Widget
    • + All Standard WordPress Widgets
  • Column Options for Footer Widgets
  • Hide Specific Posts/Categories on Blog Homepage
  • Use Different Layout for Archive Pages
  • Set Post Heights for Columned Layouts
  • Demo Content Included
  • Child Theme Included
  • Featured Image Settings
  • Sticky Header
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • 19 Social Accounts Available Including VK
  • Contact Form 7 Support
  • Instagram Slider Widget Support
  • Q2W3 Fixed Widget Support (Fixed Sidebar)
  • Google Maps
  • SEO Optimized
  • W3C Validated

What Do You Get With This WordPress Blog Theme?

When you buy Souje, you’ll not only have a useful WordPress blog theme, but you’ll also have 6 months of theme support and lifetime free updates. Don’t forget that you’ll pay only once! There’s no recurring payments or annual plans. Souje will be yours forever.

wordpress blog theme souje what you get

Do you need more than 6 months of support?

You can extend it to 12 months.

  • If you prefer to do this with the item purchase, you pay only $13.88 more (the best offer).
  • During the existing support period, extending will cost you $23.13.

Support expired?

Never too late! You can renew your support package for $32.38.

Do you want us to install your WordPress blog theme?

We’d love to! We offer installation service for our themes. Please visit this page for more information.

wordpress blog theme souje burnhambox

We Love What We Do!

We’re an award-winning team which creates memorable WordPress themes with well thought customizers. There’s nothing to be afraid of colors. We use them a lot. That’s our thing.

1.800+ Happy Customers

Over 2 years, we’ve been providing our services to the people who look for premium quality WordPress themes, 5-star-support and a positive approach. Happiness matters. We work for it.

1.300+ Help Tickets Replied

It’s so natural that you may need help with the theme you’ve bought. Well, good news! We love to help people. Please do not hesitate to ask us anything. We’ll be waiting our customers on our dedicated support site.

Not a customer yet?

You can fire your questions away right under this page.