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Top 4 Reasons to Use “Atom” as a Text Editor

If you’re looking for a modern, useful and powerful text editor, we suggest you to try Atom! Atom is an open-source text editor that you can download from atom.io for free. Now let’s have a look at the top reasons to use it.

1. Fast & Easy Usage

Atom has a very simple and user-friendly layout to let you just focus on what you’re doing. And it really works very efficiently. You can open any file in no time.

Organizing your project folders is quite easy. With the “Reopen Project” feature, you can reach your previous setups with one click.

“Preview File” feature is great. One click previews the file; double-click opens it. By doing so, you can save your working space for opened files only.

One of the best features of Atom is that you can run multiple Atoms to work on different projects at the same time!

2. Flexibility

Customization/personalization is everything today. And Atom provides you tons of settings to let you comfort yourself as you wish while working. No worries, the default settings are already great to start. But when you seek for smaller details, we can ensure you that you’ll find what you need. The shortcut for “Settings” pane is: “Ctrl + ;

Atom Text Editor Core Settings

Since Atom is an open-source editor, you can take a further step and customize the core files by clicking the “Open Config Folder” button.

3. Packages (Add-ons)

Need more specific features? Then “Packages” section is for you. Atom allows us to use add-ons for a better experience. You can download & install the packages (add-ons) with only a few click. Here’s a couple of useful packages we suggest:

i. Minimap

This package displays a smaller preview of the full source code at the right/left hand side of the screen. Highly useful for fast scrolling and finding where you are especially in loooong codes.

Atom Text Editor Minimap Package

More information: https://atom.io/packages/minimap

ii. Atom Beautify

Make your code look beautiful. Can be used for almost all of the coding languages.

More information: https://atom.io/packages/atom-beautify

iii. File Icons

By default, Atom has a couple of file icons for your eye to clarify the file types. With this package, you can assign more file extension icons and colors for improved visual grepping.

More information: https://atom.io/packages/file-icons

iv. Highlight Selected

It highlights the selected word on double-click. Also finds and highlights the same words in the whole code.

Atom Text Editor Highlight Selected

More information: https://atom.io/packages/highlight-selected

v. Color Picker

Very handy while working on colors in your CSS, Sass and LESS files.

Atom Text Editor Color Picker Package

More information: https://atom.io/packages/color-picker

4. Price

Well, it’s free 🙂 What do we expect more?

Final Words

We know that sometimes it sounds hard to leave your habits even if you’re sure that a new step will make your life easier. We’ve been using Dreamweaver CS6 (please don’t kill us) for years and it was a tough decision to change the tool we’re dealing with for long hours, every day. Now we’re asking ourselves that why we didn’t start to use Atom earlier. Come on, do it now! atom.io

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