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Get The Most Out of a Sales Campaign

From time to time, you see sale promotions for the WordPress themes on ThemeForest. But do you know how to get the most out of them? Here’s the greatest 3 ways to benefit from a sales campaign on ThemeForest:

1. Go Ahead and Buy It!

Why would you wait? You can never know when the next discount will happen. Don’t forget that the qualified ThemeForest authors – especially the Elite ones – do not make so much promotions because they already trust their items.

2. Extend or Renew Your Support Package

There’s no better time to take the advantage of renewing your support package. The price of the support packages is calculated by percentage, and it’s 62.5% of the item price during the support period (first 6 months). Which means you pay $23.13 for a $49 theme and $29.38 for a $59 theme. After your support period expired, even higher. It’s $32.38 instead of $23.13 and $41.13 instead of $29.38.

Envato gets a $12 of fixed fee from each theme. So, for a $49 theme, the item price is $37.

Let’s do the math now: Since Envato’s fixed fee doesn’t change in any condition, when a $49 theme reduces its price by 50%, the item price becomes $12! (49/2 = 24.5 > downgrade to an integer > 24 > 24-12 = 12)

And if we calculate the support package price from $12, it’s only $7.5 instead of $23.13! (12 x 0.625 = 7.5)

Now who wants to miss this great chance? You know the answer, nobody!

Learn how to extend/renew your support package.

3. Stock Up Licenses for Further Projects

If you already like the theme and planning to use for further projects, why don’t you purchase it from a lower price? Buy 2 licenses instead of 1, keep them at your account and download & use it any time you need. The best thing is, you can always ask for a refund for not downloaded licenses.

Final Words

Sales campaigns, discounts, promotions… All of them are great opportunities to widen your vision, get the most out of the support service we provide and keep your wallet thick 🙂

We’re an award-winning team which creates memorable WordPress & WooCommerce themes with well thought customizers. There’s nothing to be afraid of colors. We use them a lot. That’s our thing. Over 2 years, we’ve been providing our services to the people who look for premium quality WordPress & WooCommerce themes, 5-star customer support and a positive approach. Happiness matters. We work for it.

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