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7 Free WordPress Plugins to Make Life Easier

You bought your favourite WordPress theme and ready to move on. But wait, would you like to add some extra functionality to your theme? That’s the reason for WordPress plugins’ existence. And now it’s time to make your WordPress theme much more useful! Note that all of these plugins are from WordPress Plugin Directory. Which means they are free.

1. Regenerate Thumbnails

Regenerate Thumbnails PluginEach WordPress theme uses different dimensions for your images. Therefore you need to resize your images according to the new theme. As you may imagine, it would be tons of work to resize your images one by one. Luckily, Regenerate Thumbnails plugin does this for us. Even if you switch to a new theme or just set a new size for your images, this plugin will be there to help you.

Download Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin

2. Reveal IDs

Some WordPress themes use your post ID values for displaying a specific content. For example, there could be a “Post Widget” which asks for the post ID to show the correct post in the sidebar. Normally, the only way to see a post ID is looking at the address bar on “Edit Post” screen. But this is really unnecessary and a waste of time. Reveal IDs plugin adds an additional column to your WordPress dashboard sections like posts, pages, tags etc.

Download Reveal IDs Plugin

3. Q2W3 Fixed Widget

Q2W3 Fİxed Widget PluginYou know the sidebar widget that keeps its place in the sidebar while you’re scrolling down/up the page? Now you know how to do it too! Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin adds a “Fixed Widget” checkbox to all of the widgets your theme provides (including native WordPress widgets). When you check that box, the widget will be fixed. Very handy!

Download Q2W3 Fixed Widget Plugin

4. Custom Sidebars

Having unlimited sidebars in your WordPress theme is priceless. With Custom Sidebars plugin, you can create sidebars as many as you want. It’s also possible to create a sidebar for a specific post or page. Absolute freedom!

Download Custom Sidebars Plugin

5. Instagram Slider Widget

Instagram Slider Widget Plugin - LogoInstagram feed is a “must have” for the most of personal WordPress blogs. Instagram Slider Widget plugin is the most popular one to show your Instagram images on your site. It has lots of options to catch the exact view you wish and can be placed anywhere by using its shortcode. Do you want to learn how to create a shortcode? Visit this post!

Download Instagram Slider Widget Plugin

6. MailChimp for WordPress

MailChimp for WordPress PluginIt’s still the best way to communicate with your audience via e-mail. That’s why you need to create subscriber lists. MailChimp is the most popular service for it. And they have this MailChimp for WordPress plugin to connect your MailChimp account with your WordPress site. Try it now!

Download MailChimp for WordPress Plugin

7. WordPress Reset

Sometimes you want to start over, right? You can use WordPress Reset plugin to clear your database so you’ll have a brand new, fresh WordPress installation left. Don’t worry, your themes and plugins will be kept. But your posts, pages, comments, theme settings etc. will be lost.

Download WordPress Reset Plugin

Final Words

WordPress is already a very powerful tool. But the difference that WordPress plugins have been created, are dramatic. So, use plugins and don’t miss the chances to make your WordPress experience much more enjoyable!

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